The Circuit Court Clerk

Each year the office handles 1.4 million cases with an annual budget of $101 million. The Circuit Court impacts the lives of 5.1 million people. Change will make things better for us all.

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Needed Mordernization

Even though technology is available that would greatly streamline processes within the Circuit Court that would save every tax payer, these improvements remain unmade.

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Contribute for Change

Your contribution will be used to help inform other voters in our community about the need for change and ulitmately, bring about these necessary improvements.

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  • FOX 32 Sunday: Jacob Meister


    FOX 32 Sunday sits down with candidate for clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County Jacob Meister to discuss him running against incumbent Dorothy Brown.

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About Jacob Meister

Jacob has practiced law in Cook County for 25 years. Like most who rely on the Clerk's office, he is fed up with outdated systems, and poor leadership that takes a financial and human toll on every taxpayer and user of the courts. Jacob has the tenacity and experience to modernize, reform, and bring transparency to an office steeped in controversy.

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